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    Three Conversations 1) With a Rebel, 2) With a Modern Skeptic, 3) With a Futurist

    Three Conversations The three conversations presented here are: I. With a RebelII. With a Modern SkepticIII. With a Futurist I. Conversation with a Rebel M.H. Copenhagen. 11 Dec 2011. 8:26:26 PM 1. What is your reference? I am the reference. Thinking is my reference. The world is my reference, but not one person or one book.  World cited references are references to themselves as I am to myself. I reference the world but according to my understanding. That is me. At the end I was given a chance to this world to be myself, not to be the world or anything else. I try to be. 2. You should be pragmatic and concrete? Very true. I try to…

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    A Letter to My First Niece Myriam

    A Letter to My First Niece Myriam Dear Myriam, Copenhagen – You may be born at any moment of today or tomorrow, and we are just very happy to receive you to this world which we would like to share with you. It is an elevating feeling to be an uncle, and I can just imagine how great it is to be a father and mother. Your parents must be happy, very happy. Your grandparents are equally awaiting your birth with the love we, their sons and daughters, know of them. I do not want to say much, maybe because I cannot condense what I want to say in few lines.…

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    What is Life?: The Process of Becoming ‘Insan’ (Human) in Islam

    What is Life?: The Process of Becoming ‘Insan’ (Human) in Islam *This essay was written during my PhD research stay at the University of Copenhagen, Center for European Islamic Thought, from September 2011 to July 2012. I am thankful to Abdelghani Elkhairat (Untrecht University, the Netherlands) and Soumaya Ibn Roshd (Mohamed I University in Oujda, Morocco) for having read and commented on this text. I am sorry not have been able to expand on some of the issues they raised for the simple reason that I did not intend this essay to be lengthy and highly theoretical. The essay is generic and aims to be so at this stage, that…