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    Hashas Gives the 14th Annual Pieter Gillis Lecture at Antwerp University

    Hashas Gives the 14th Annual Pieter Gillis Lectures at the University of Antwerp on “European Islam” Centrum Pieter Gillis, Universiteit Antwerpen    Mohammed Hashas – European Islam: Possibilities and challenges Respondent Prof. em. Guy Vanheeswijck 22 November 2021 The first Pieter Gillis lecture was given in 2008 by the Israeli author Amos Oz. Since that time 12 more authors, academics and policy makers have delivered a lecture at the Centre Pieter Gillis. We are delighted to announce now the 14th Pieter Gillis which Dr. Mohammed Hashas will devote to the topic of a European Islam. Abstract:   This lecture introduces some main features of Islam’s inlandishness in Europe as well as the…

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    Islam on the Edges EP4 – Islamic Thought in Morocco: Philosophy and Muslim Feminism

    In this episode, “Islam on the Edges” travels to a traditional edge of the Muslim and Arab worlds, Morocco. Often overlooked in the study of Islam and Islamic thought, Moroccans see themselves as part of the larger Arab/Islamic world and consciousness. Due to its rich Islamic traditions and the encounter with the European colonizers and thought, the Moroccans have developed a strand of Islamic thought that is both thought-provoking and innovative. In the first part of this podcast, Islam on the Edges host Dr. Ermin Sinanovic talks with Dr. Mohammed Hashas about the emergence of modern and contemporary Islamic thought in Morocco throughout the twentieth century. Dr. Hashas does so…