Donare per il terremoto in Marocco/ Donate for Morocco Earthquake

Donare per il terremoto in Marocco/ Donate for Morocco earthquake of 08 September 2023 طريقين للتبرع المالي لزلزال المغرب 

Terremoto in Morocco 08 settembre 2023

Due opzioni per donare / Two options to donate:


1. Donare tramite la Banca Centrale del Marocco/ Donate through the Central Bank of Morocco عن طريق بنك المغرب:


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IBAN: MA64 001810007800020 110620318


*Dal Marocco:


Official webpage:



2. Donare tramite Islamic Relief Italia/ Donate through Islamic Relief Italia عن طريق الإغاثة الإسلامية إيطاليا:


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Islamic Relief Italia è sul campo in Marocco.

Fai la donazione qui/ Donate from here:


Grazie, Thank you, Shukran, شكراً

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